Cover TIME Magazine.

Chien Shiung Wu - Time Cover

Cover artwork for Time Magazine’s ambitious 100 Women of the Year Project. Where they re-imagined 100 years ofTime covers to feature important and inspirational women from history.

I was asked to create a portrait of physicist Chien-Shiung Wu to represent the year 1945.

To see the full project visit: here.

Also, here is an article by creative director D.W. Pine about this amazing project and all the wonderful artists they commissioned.

Time Magazine
March, 2020

Artwork - Jennifer Dionisio

Art Direction - D.W. Pine

Chien-Shiung Wu portrait for TIME Magazine by Jennifer Dionisio.
TIME 100 women of the year project, Chien-Shiung Wu cover.
TIME 100 women of the year project, 2020.
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